Did you know, millions of people visit Sylvia Park every year?

Among them are people with differing needs to access facilities and services with comfort and ease.

We want to ensure all Kiwis have access to, and feel welcome at Sylvia Park and aim to remove barriers that make access difficult. In 2018, Kiwi Property partnered with Be.Lab, to support us on our accessibility journey. Be.Lab has a vision for New Zealand to become the most accessible nation in the world and at Kiwi Property, we want to play our part.

We’ve designed our centres with all people in mind, which is why, in 2020, Kiwi Property became the first New Zealand property business to achieve accessibility accreditation across its entire shopping centre portfolio. Sylvia Park has a Platinum rating.

 Those visiting Sylvia Park will find dedicated mobility carparking and ‘parent with pram parks’ carparking by all main entrances to the centre with elevators allowing access to and from multi-level carparking. Those not sure which parks will best suit their needs can contact the Customer Service Team before their next visit.


All main entrance doors are automatic and aisles are wide with LED lighting showing the way.

Inside, there are wheelchairs and mobility scooters available for use while shopping. They’re free of charge and can be booked in advance through a call to the Customer Service Desk.

Guide and assistant dogs are welcome to accompany their handlers when wearing their accessible dog registration tag and the registration card is readily available if needed. You can see which guide and accessible dogs we welcome in the centre here.

 For those with more complex needs when accessing the bathroom, five accessible toilets are spread across the centre as well as four parents’ rooms.

Parents’ rooms are child-friendly spaces equipped with microwaves, toddler toilets, change tables and screened seated areas for your feeding privacy, however, breastfeeding is also welcome anywhere in Sylvia Park.


Sylvia Park is also proud to now offer a fully accessible adult change room enabling people to change safely and with dignity.  The facility includes height adjustable accessible toilet and basin, height adjustable accessible bed, complete shower and overhead hoist (your own sling is required), sharps disposal and bottle wash.


For those wanting to know more about accessibility, Sylva Park’s Customer Service Desk can be visited during all core centre hours. Staff can also be contacted on 09 570 3777.


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