Sylvia Park


Mural 2

The Work

This long and leading mural uses a rich mixture of foilage and flowers to accompany you down the corridor which hosts it. 

Nasturtium, native spotted sun orchids and alpine avens and exotic indoor plants build a bouquet drawn from the colour pallete that has been used throughout the facilities to create an artwork that is sympathetic to its surroundings yet still adds a distinct character of its own. 



Bathroom Corridor, near Columbus Coffee

The Artist

Margarita is a painter who maintains both studio and public practice. Through her work she seeks to communicate the unspoken, intangible and unseen qualities that exist around her subjects. Revealing more about the manner in which they relate to the world and the nature of a nuanced human experience than what a purely observational depiction might provide.

Of Russian-Ukrainian heritage, Margarita spent her childhood regularly moving between the two countries. Exposed to a variety of environments, from rural Siberia to the warm shores of Crimea, she eventually relocated to Auckland in 1999. 

Often autobiographical in nature, her work is a traveler's reflection of explored landscapes and cultures and part of an effort to establish a strong connection between her lived experience and her art.

Instagram: @margaritvovna

Mural 1 v2

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