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The Rat will have a fabulous time during Year of the Dragon. You can progress in your career by improving your skills through advanced training.

Business prospects are looking excellent, promising plenty of profits. However, you should be cautious when dealing with new friendships. By combining creativity and hard work, you can achieve roaring success in the year ahead.


2024 will bring some challenges for the Ox. Your success will depend on how effectively you use your skills and available resources. Expect a career journey with twists and turns, requiring your ingenuity to seize opportunities and advance.

Fortunately, you'll have the support of family and friends as you work towards achieving your life goals.

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2024 will be a highly rewarding year for the Tiger. The workplace will present you with many tough situations, and you will be able to tackle them with imagination and inspiration. Expect an increase in promotions and, as a result, more responsibilities to shoulder.

Single Tigers can look forward to good relationships ending in marriage.


2024 predictions suggest that you should not indulge in any risky ventures and stick to your comfort zone. Success will be yours if you are determined and committed. Allow things to happen at their own pace and enjoy the results!

Holidaying with family members will refresh you and enhance the chances of success in life.

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The Dragon will have a magnificent year. Career progress will be excellent due to the determination and optimistic nature of the Dragon. On the money front, the situation is encouraging with large cash flow. Avoid investing in unknown ventures.

Single Dragons will have very good chances of getting into relationships which may end up in tying the knot.


2024 for the Snake indicates a tough year for your career and business. However, the year is promising for starting new projects which will become profitable in the future.

The Snake should be careful in developing new friends that may be a hindrance to your career. Travel will be exciting if you want to explore new countries.

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If you are thinking of improving career prospects by changing your job or location, the year will give you ample chances. You can look forward to promotions and financial gains.

Finances will be challenging, and all risky investments should be avoided. The situation may even result in health problems due to the stress generated.


The Goat will be extremely busy during the Year 2024, but in the end, the output and profits will be meagre. You should be ready to face many minor obstacles.

Income will be just enough to meet the expenses. Progress on the various ventures on hand will be slow, and benefits will accrue only in the next year.

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The Monkey will have an exciting and fortunate 2024. Get ready to take on more responsibilities in your career, as success is on the horizon.

On the social front, the Monkey's life will be lively and enjoyable. Spending holidays with your family will bring joy and happiness to both you and your loved ones.


The Rooster is set for a thriving year in 2024! Career-oriented individuals can expect promotions and significant progress in their jobs. Keep a strict watch on expenses.

On the social front, life will be interesting and dynamic, with an increase in friendships and connections. Additionally, exciting travel to scenic and breath-taking places is highly likely.

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In 2024, the Dog may encounter some challenges in maintaining their current way of life. However, with help from others and adaptability to the changing environment, they can overcome these challenges.

Family life will be pleasant, and resolving internal issues without seeking outside help is advised. Investing time and resources in home-related improvements will be essential.


During the Year of the Dragon, the Pig can look forward to a smooth and enjoyable journey with fewer challenges. Career wise, your skills and past experience will pave the way for success.

Financially, things are looking bright, with a rising inflow of money and additional sources of income. The Pig will have enough resources to invest in securing their future.

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