Christmas Tips

Getting it sorted in time, on time and in the nick of time is key to creating your perfect Christmas but even with the best plans in place, increased stress and never-ending lists go on forever!

At Christmas, we really do understand that the best thing we can do for you is try to make things easier. You see, we are all human too!

These are our top tips so you can Christmas your heart out!


Best times to visit:

If you’re an early bird we suggest you visit as soon as we open or if you’re a night owl, in the two hours before we close.  We find our quietest days are on Monday and Tuesdays and our busiest times are the weekends. We have also extended some of our hours for your convenience.

See our extended Christmas hours here.


Best place to park:

We have over 4500 carparks, which are accessible to different areas of the centre, but we’ve outlined the key areas you might wish to visit at this time of year.

Read our top tips and best exits and entrances here.


How to get here and how to find a carpark:

Getting here  and best carparks.


Staying for longer than the car park allows?

Shopping up a storm?

A bite and a movie?

All of the above?

If you’re planning on spending longer than your car park limit allows (4 hours), all you need to do is head over to our friendly Customer Service Desk team to let them know of your intentions and they’ll make sure to take down your number plate so you don’t get a parking ticket!


What do I do if I have received a fine?

Eek! While it’s never the intention of Park360 to ticket you while you’re spending time at Sylvia Park, if you haven’t informed our Customer Service Team that you’ll be parking longer than the car park allows, you might get a ticket.

If this happens, please refer to the details on the back of your parking ticket to see how to pay or appeal your ticket. Genuine customers will have their fines waived!


Best things to do:
Santa’s a must, shopping’s a must but most of all coffee is a must, so get your day going and check out what is happening in the centre here.


Best fuel of the day:

Whether it’s at home or on the run we’ve got you covered for the whole day. Stop by for a coffee or a bite to takeaway at any one of our cafes and eateries.

View our listing here.



We’re also here to help from 9am every day until Christmas – please feel free to call our customer service team on 09 570 3777, otherwise, feel free to chat with us here on our Facebook page.


Please be patient and kind to everyone you meet and our lovely retail staff and centre teams will do their best to look after you.


Christmas is about sharing with and giving your time to family, fur family, friends and loved ones, and however we can, or however you do it, we’re here to help you Christmas your heart out!

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